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Lord Shiva The Symbol of Perfect CEO D. Rambabu

Lord Shiva The Symbol of Perfect CEO

D. Rambabu

192 pages
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 About the Book 

As per the Hindu Epics and Mythology it is believed that the entire Universe is being controlled by The Three Supreme Powers who are called as Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswara. Brahma has created the world, Vishnu operates or rules the world and Shiva destroys the world. All the Three super power put together form The ULTIMATE viz, the GOD. Though Shiva is supposed to be destroyer of Evil in the world, we can see a great symbolism of an Administrator in Shivas properties which are in his possession. Shiva only is seen with many external things worn on his body. He is so simple in his attire. He wears no ornaments except snake around his neck. He sits on the tiger skin. He applies the ash throughout His body, He wears Elephant skin, etc. After seeing the Shivas photograph in a sitting posture with all these things on his body, Authors mind started comparing him with an Administrator. Then he realized that all the external things with which Shiva is appearing has got so much of inner meaning both philosophically and administratively. Author has not bothered about the philosophical explanation of Lord Shiva considering the fact that many Scholars have given and interrupted Shiva in many directions and dimensions, But beautifully explained the symbolism between Shiva and a CEO of an organization. Similarly Author has collected lot of information regarding the distinguished characters of an Administrator, duties and responsibilities of employees as well as employer which has been mentioned in our Epics, Puranas and by our Ancestors.