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Addicted to the Streets: Sex, Money, Drugs McCauley Joseph McCauley

Addicted to the Streets: Sex, Money, Drugs

McCauley Joseph McCauley

Published October 1st 2009
ISBN : 9781440102370
204 pages
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 About the Book 

After spending his whole life working hard to earn his place in the streets, Joseph McCauley is realizing there isnt nearly as much love there as that he got from his most loyal friend, Tim Green, A/K/A Tim Dog who introduced him to one of the realiest hoods in Syracuse. When Joseph tries to change after finding the woman that hes always wanted, Ms. Melissa Hollister, things became a problem. He cant seem to find a job with his long criminal record, and the streets is calling him. Missy truly tried to keep him from the life of crime that eventually grabs her up as well.Living in a world filled with both exotic and erotic sex, violence, disloyalty and drug dealings, Joseph becomes the clear focus of street violence. He has been shot at and stabbed multiple times by people who envy him for his known place in the game. None of this stops Joseph. In fact, Joseph doesnt stop despite the fact that the FEDS just picked up a four year old gun charge against him. He soon began to realize that his loyal woman and precious children are far too important to him to ever lose. Joseph truly makes another attempt to change. A paradigm change which came too late. Joseph never thought he would be betrayed by the disloyalty of a family member and many others, which helped the Government trap him and then lied to him about their assistance in the Governments web of justice.