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Bimbofied Wife Ava J. Smith

Bimbofied Wife

Ava J. Smith

Kindle Edition
23 pages
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 About the Book 

Sierra Trent had a good marriage, a good husband and a good home. Of course not everything was perfect- her husband was unable to give her what she had wanted the most. But then again, Sierra had agreed to the marriage knowing that so it was not like she was going to seek it elsewhere. Not like she was going to stray when a handsome fitness instructor came into the picture...***I stepped in and tried to see the room from Haydens eyes. It was first and foremost a functional room, I had insisted on that. Massage tables, chairs, cabinets and screens. Off one corner was a small bathroom, again discreet and functional.Still, the wall was painted a cozy light purple- there were thick fluffy rugs, breezy transparent curtains and soft towels. Even severe black and white photographs on the wall gave an overall air of intimacy.Standing just inside the threshold, I couldnt help but be fully aware of Hayden, his warmth so close behind me. I found myself aware, too, of how heavy my breathing had become, how hot the back of my neck felt, somehow imagining that was where his eyes rested.Mrs. Trent. His voice had changed and I found myself shivering. I closed my eyes when a warm hand went up my arm in a feathery touch.He said my name once again, his voice a whisper now, very close to my ear. I kept my eyes closed, holding my breath, hoping foolishly that it was all just an imagination.It was not. Warm lips were pressed to a sensitive spot on my neck and a quick arm wrapped quickly around my waist when I arched from the sudden sensation.Hayden.His fingers curled in my hair as he pushed my face up to meet his kiss. I gasped softly when that delicious, hot mouth found mine but that was all the sound I could manage.His lips were so warm, and soft, and insatiable. I was struggling for breath but his arms, strong and possessive, pulled me back as he coaxed for more. My lips were throbbing slightly from the endless pressure, I felt delirious as he continued tasting, his mouth pressing closer and closer until I couldnt breathe.Hayden...I gasped when he moved even closer, his muscles working against my softness, pressing me to the wall.Its soundproof, isnt it, Mrs. Trent? he whispered. Nobody can hear us.