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Yorkville Todd J. Jones


Todd J. Jones

Kindle Edition
581 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Tel Aviv, June 1933, a man is shot while walking on the beach with his wife.Six years later a prominent American Nazi is found dead in the predominantlyGerman section of Manhattan known as Yorkville. Homicide detective FrankVan Pelt is called in to work the case along with a new partner, a young Jewishdetective named Phillip Rosenberg. The two quickly find themselves immersedin the world of the German American Bund, a growing pro-Nazi organizationthat seeks to emulate the Third Reich. During a massive Bund rally another manis murdered. A man whose identity will change the entire nature of the case,and send the detectives on a journey to the heart of Nazi Germany, and thetroubled land of British Palestine. There they will uncover a secret far greaterthan the murder of three men: an arrangement between Nazis and Jews tosiphon Jewish wealth to Palestine.The secret deal, known as Haavarah, is worth tens of millions of dollars,but behind it looms an even darker secret, one that governments will kill to protect.For Frank Van Pelt, a beautiful German American woman named Kate Goddardholds the key, but she is shrouded in her own mysteries, and has her own agenda.For Phillip Rosenberg, the very future of German Jews hangs in the balance.And as the world moves closer to war and powerful forces close in around them,both men struggle to find the answers before it is too late.