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Erotic Collection 20 C J Edwards

Erotic Collection 20

C J Edwards

Published December 5th 2015
Kindle Edition
84 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Another 6 red hot erotica stories! BDSM, Sugar Babies, Cuckold and much more...! Breaking In the New Girl - Ever watched the news late at night and wondered how those pretty young newsreaders can have such alert expressions and sparkly eyes? It hadMore Another 6 red hot erotica stories!BDSM, Sugar Babies, Cuckold and much more...!Breaking In the New Girl - Ever watched the news late at night and wondered how those pretty young newsreaders can have such alert expressions and sparkly eyes? It had never occurred to Naomi until she became just that girl and had to consider how she would keep her stamina going. The secret was easy and it was an open secret at that - cocaine! Veteran newsgirl, Sian, showed the newbie just how they survived the news shift and took her lesbian virginity at the same time. Reading the news was easy after that and so was the after show party, which was nothing more than an orgy. She had never even considered cheating on her boyfriend before but when the studio boss claims her, Naomi does exactly that and in every way conceivable.Ready For Training - Losing your cherry to a Dom is only going to go one way! It was supposed to be a one-off to ensure her first time was enjoyable but there was no way Carrie could move on to boys after experiencing her step mums boyfriend, Nick! But Nick didnt really want to. It wasnt that he didnt fancy the cute as hell 18 YO but hed promised her stepmother! He also didnt believe she was ready. At 18 and a virgin only yesterday, how could she possibly be mature or strong enough to be a submissive? And how could such a kind man be cruel?In His Hands Again - A hardware store of all places! It was probably inevitable that Charley would bump into her old lover. London was a big city but neither of them had moved very far. But it was a shock all the same. She was a very different person to last time - marriage and kids tends to change a woman. Not to Lucian though. Once the shock of being reunited had passed, she found she was responding to him in exactly the same way as she had before. That was dangerous as he was an expert manipulator of women. And so, it turned out was his wife! This is a sizzling hot story of hard bondage sex, femdom, mf, ff and mm! Charlotte Edwards at her dirtiest!A Spoonful of Sugar - Darrell is an old hand at swinging and keeping mistresses but the Sugar Daddy scene is new to him. But he has more money than he knows what to do with and a very understanding wife so why not? The naïve young student he finds online is just ripe for corruption and he aches to dominate her!Worshipping the Fertility God - Innocent Jess was on a girly holiday with her two raunchy mates. She was determined to let her hair down, although Emma and Traceys plans for her meant the lose of her tightly guarded virginity. A trip to a local shrine changed the dynamic between them and turned the naïve bride to be into a sex maniac who couldnt keep her hands off men and women alike. The party was only just starting!Thy Neighbour’s Wife - The neighbours either side had both moved in only recently and both wives were hot as hell. Petite Lisa looked just right for throwing around and Amazonian Marion had such a haughty look that I couldnt help but think about doing her up the arse. My wife, Victoria and I had a very open marriage and we both shared the same taste in women. She had tried female Viagra herself and had been 100% horny for a full 24 hours. Being a good wife, she was happy to seduce the neighbours for me, with a little help from the little pill. We started with Marion and then she invited Lisa across. Imagine my surprise when she brought her heavily pregnant younger sister. I was going to need to pop a pill myself!Scroll up and grab a copy today.