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Beep You ! You Beep Hole Smarak Swain

Beep You ! You Beep Hole

Smarak Swain

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 About the Book 

Book Summary of Beep You! You! Beep Hole Where and when do you swear? Why do you think you swear? If you dont, why dont you? What if your tongue slips out at the wrong place at the wrong time? This book present the reader with a new perspective: of understanding human and social behaviour through swearwords and slurs used by people. It tries to make sense of swearwords spoken across the length and breadth of India, differences and similarities with other societies, and finally attempts to make sense of the aroma and aesthetics in ugly, distasteful, and sexist words. If you are addicted to swearing and it affects how people see you, you need to read this book. even if you think your addiction goes well with your self-image you better read this book. if you dont have this addiction yet you swear you should read this book. if you do not swear and find cusswords abhorring you must read book. if neither of above applies to you, well...eh just %$#@ off. About the Author Smarak Swain is a 2006 batch grad from IIT Kharagpur. He has authored an academic book on Applied Psychology and has edited a collection of essays on social issues of India. His interests include reading, blogging and film-making. He is ever available at [email protected]