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The Inherited Bride Maisey Yates

The Inherited Bride

Maisey Yates

Kindle Edition
188 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Im really starting to like Maisey Yates.Isabella is a princess engaged from an early age to High Sheikh. She has more or less accepted it, but she wants to be free. So she runs away to Paris. Only someone ruins her plan, Adham.Adham is the brother of Isabellas fiancee. He is an honourable man who gave his brother and his country everything, he takes duty very seriously. And yet he is incredibly attracted to Isabella, the one woman he cant have.I like the whole forbidden love aspect. Adham is a great hero even with his chilly behaviour at the end of the book (there is an explanation). And Isabella, some of her behaviour may look childish at times, but its not so much, when you consider that she spent her entire life overprotected well, its mostly understandable. The one scene that bothered me a lot is when (view spoiler)[ she seduced Adham even though she knows that he would be betraying his brother and that he would hate himself for it (hide spoiler)]