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A Favor for Sticktight Larry Good

A Favor for Sticktight

Larry Good

Published January 17th 2014
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Now in The Land of Pink Windmillls, Meri at last arrives at The Tree of Ticket Leaves. One leaf---or is it a ticket?---takes her to The Land of Too Shy Izzits, otherwise known as The Land of Dark. There she meets Art or Nart. They talk until The Tornado of Teacups comes by.The second leaf is a great surprise! How could it send her there? Should she return to The Lands?Another ticket takes her to The Autumnforest where she participates in one of the most creative conversations ever. Sticktight then asks a favor. It doesnt seem that much at first. Meri has no idea it will lead her to remarkable adventures!A Black Sky then floats over The Land of Pink Windmills, threatening to remove all sunshine from the beloved land. All of the windmill blades stop turning.