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Another Chance: My Story of Grace Susan R. Smith

Another Chance: My Story of Grace

Susan R. Smith

Published October 4th 2011
ISBN : 9781462705894
200 pages
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 About the Book 

Have you or someone you know been born with a life long disease thataffected the growth development? Have you wondered how they survived?I was one of those people, that the doctors said I wouldnt live to see theage of 12 but, today I am 47. Heres my Story!Read my story and explore new idea of what it means to soar on wings of faith!It will make you laugh, cry and put you on the edge of your seat!Read about my exciting journey into the land of the Last Frontier, where Iexperienced excitement, but at times very dangerous territory!Alaska is very beautiful and breath taking, but it has it challengestoo. How did you survive? You may ask me! Come and see! I havea bear story of my own to tell!You can also read about how I overcame all of my obstacles that tried tostop me in my tracks! Do you like humor? This book has it too, its notall serious issues that I share with you!Is there any such thing as love at first sight? What are the chances thatanyone finds their love in a strange land? Did I ever find my Princewho sweeps me off my feet?All this and more I will tell you when you open up this book and sit downand read. I welcome you to share this with as many people as you can andlet the words of encourage bless their heart!What happens when someone finds faith in Jesus Christ? How can itmake a difference? Where can faith lead you?Invite you to join me in this mission that Ive been called to do, wecan change the world!