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Helf Selp M.C. Miller

Helf Selp

M.C. Miller

Published May 12th 2012
430 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

HELF SELPA JOURNEY FROM FAR TO NEARAt sunrise on a summers daya boy was born on the African plain...HELF SELP takes place somewhere between miracles and magic and a mothers love. It’s the story of Suah Chase, a remarkable special needs boy, adopted by an international singing star and insulated within a bubble world of pop celebrity and round-the-clock au pairs.Suah finds himself left alone on an unplanned adventure.Its an enlightening exploration.Ever curious about the peculiar ways in which people approach their lives, he comes into his own even as hes mystified by it. He demonstrates an unusual savant-like talent - the ability to heal.As he touches people he meets on his quest,we are taken on an uplifting journey with him.Its a journey as near as the latent powers in all of usand as far away as manifesting those powers with ease.When Suah encounters a popular self-help author and lecturer,its a time when both need help. Realizing who can help and where it will lead mystifies them both.As we see through Suah’s eyes, its the world that has special needs. As we discover through Suah’s heart,were the ones with miracles waiting inside of us.Suahs story is one of potential and inspiration,of finding ourselves and in doing so, discovering a way in which we all might transform the world.