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Grave Caller Shane Porteous

Grave Caller

Shane Porteous

180 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Denarchia, a tiny kingdom surrounded by neighbours that are as powerful as they are hostile. Yet this tiny kingdom has not been conquered why?There is a legend whispered in the winds that tells of Rrhulzinn, Denarchia’s first king rising from his grave to kill anyone foolish enough to enter his kingdom with dark thoughts in their mind. This legend is mostly true for though the corpse of the long dead king does indeed rises to protect the realm it is not the king who is controlling it. Edo Volis, a man with the power to possess the dead uses this strange ability to wield powers beyond his knowledge to keep Denarchia safe from the hungry enemies that want to devour it.On many a dark night he has left fields once filled with war cries and the clashing of swords in blood and silence. But one night after massacring a troop of would be invaders he comes face to face with a man stranger than even he, a man that does not scream or tremble at the sight of the undead king. The encounter with the strange man is only the beginning of something more terrifying than any legend that haunts the darkness of Denarchia.