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The New Creation Story: Consciousness Andrew F. Beath

The New Creation Story: Consciousness

Andrew F. Beath

Published May 24th 2014
ISBN : 9780615961101
312 pages
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 About the Book 

This is a story about the crisis and opportunity of the current human epoch. It examines our capacity to honor beauty and love, compared to the reasons why we have inadvertently embraced violence and destruction. Which values will prevail? That is the grand question of our epoch. Who are we, how did we get here, and what is our purpose for being here on Earth? This Creation Story helps us to understand how to heal and expand our own psyche, thereby becoming more conscious. It is about finding ones soul while healing our culture and our planet. All scientific understanding, religion, philosophy, social organization and, therefore, history is created from evolving consciousness. Human culture and history are flowing processes that reveal the changing stages of human consciousness-cultures conduct is driven by its consciousness. The transformation of consciousness is the primary process that deepens wisdom. Our New Creation Story amalgamates science, philosophy, and metaphysics, thereby encompassing our most profound imaginings and emotions: human origins, the meaning of life, spirituality, love, intimacy, and death-while bringing us into contact with the unexplainable. There are many reasons for celebrating our humanness. This story shows why and how we are capable of creating a sustainable, meaningful, and joyful world. As long as we retain our current cultural mindset, climate chaos political conflicts over scarce resources, such as clean water, will also increase. There is no easy political solution. Nothing less than changing how we see the world, our worldview, will solve the current dilemmas. This new story adds perspective that will help to integrate Ecological Epoch consciousness into our political and social landscape, thereby providing a lens with which we are able to see through the myopic political propaganda and corporate greed that are currently creating irreversible ecological damage and leading us into social chaos. Our hope for the future resides in the unexpected, in the irrational, in the intuitive. Mostly, our hope comes from faith in the human capacity to find a way through, to be brilliant when circumstances require brilliance, because we are standing on a precipice that will destroy us unless we act brilliantly-now. For a person to be as alive as it is possible to be, to fully express her humanity and experience her body, mind and spirit in their most profound essence, it is essential to participate in the Ecological Epoch, immersing in its ideas and emotions. The Ecological Epoch expresses a new, evolved worldview, both intellectual and intuitive, and provides guidelines for social behavior that respect and protect all life. Eye opening! I was simultaneously educated, enlightened and entertained. (Gilbert Levy, musician and Mystic Journey co-founder) Basically, I love it. The writing is superb and the conceptual frame is inspiring and in fact brilliant. You can actually receive the dark data and dire overview into your heart-and crazily, draw inspiration from it. (Jay Levin, Founder and former Editor-in-chief of the LA Weekly magazine).